Purple Mutt Hut is owned and run by Pauline Guerin.

Pauline has had dogs all her life, ranging from mongrels to pedigree beagles, rescue dogs and puppies.  She has also looked after other people’s dogs on many occasions in an informal capacity and has a great passion for our canine friends.

Purple Mutt Hut started as part of a franchise which was great for gaining experience and learning about myriad different dogs, including larger breeds such as GSDs and Weimaraners. However, Pauline became so busy with people asking to book with direct that the decision was taken to go solo and Purple Mutt Hut hasn’t looked back since.

PMH offers a comfortable residence where guests are pampered and look after to the very best of Pauline’s ability. Clients often state that their dogs can’t wait to come in to see ‘Aunty Pauline’ and ‘Uncle Goat’ because they always have a great holiday with plenty of cuddles and walks.  Kennels are not used either in the house or in the garden,  guests live in the house with Pauline and ‘Uncle Goat’ as though they are their own.

Facilities include:

  • Large, enclosed garden facility
  • Segregated areas for sleep/quarantine
  • Designated area for storage of food and dog related items
  • Welcoming approach
  • Cuddles galore
  • Plenty of walks on offer